Zeeshan Ayyub said this on debate over Nepotism


After the demise of the famous actor of Bollywood, Sushant Singh Rajput, people are shocked. After his death many people are talking about nepotism and there is a debate on it. Meanwhile, actor Zeeshan Ayub said, 'the problem is more than what is seen.' During an interview given to a website recently, he said, 'It is meaningless to argue on this nepotism'. He said, 'It is being made a little strange. Through the whole debate of nepotism, the real issue has been made meaningless. There is a bigger problem in Bollywood and when you are lied to.'

He added, You have a projection and sometimes you are promised to show it in the poster. Producers sell you this character like they would tell you that why is the character of a poster and one of the main leads (in the film), but during the shooting, it becomes a side character. ' He also said while talking that, 'During the shooting, the script is changed without telling the actor. No one talks about this fight during the promotion. Actors who work do not have time to fight. We think who will fight about the poster or why the name was not given as promised during the credits. Except for a few, in almost all the films I was told that you would be in the poster, but I would see what happened. I was not in the poster. Such changes change your perspective towards the audience.

Talking about Zeeshan, he has appeared in many best films so far. While tweeting on Sushant's death, he wrote, 'Still can't believe the news …. so so so painful to hear this … can't say anything … it's too much to handle..just rest in peace, my friend .. He says, Some people are cooking their personal papad. I feel bad that one of our companions died and these people are playing games. There is a lot of negativity spread.

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