Zakir Naik Fugitive, Should be Sent Back to India: M. Kulasegaran

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Malaysia’s Minister for Human Resources Development M. Kulasegaran has demanded the handing over of Zakir Naik to India.

A decision on Zakir’s extradition to India may be taken at the important cabinet meeting on Wednesday. He has been living in Malaysia for the last three years after fleeing India. The Indian government has charged Zakir with money laundering and promoting terrorism.

Kulasegaran released a letter on Tuesday. It said – Zakir is having fun here on the money of the taxpayers of Malaysia. He has serious charges. Zakir is plotting to spread communal hatred in Malaysia. He should be handed over to India. There he will face charges against him. Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad has previously refused Naik’s extradition, but now the Islamic religious leader’s opposition there has intensified.

Zakir Naik Living in Malaysia Since Three Years

Zakir Naik has been living in Malaysia for three years after he fled from India. Recently he gave a statement. He said- Malaysian Hindus has 100% more rights than Muslims living in India. Hindus here consider Narendra Modi more than Mahathir Mohamad. Malaysia has a population of about 20 million. 60 percent of it is Muslim. After this, the largest population is Hindus. Hindus have considerable influence in politics and business here.

Not entitled to permanent citizenship

Kulasegaran said – People like Zakir are not entitled to live in our diverse culture. We should not grant him permanent citizenship of Malaysia at all. Naik has denied the allegations leveled against him. He said that such allegations are being made for political reasons.

While the Malaysian News Agency released the statement of PM Mahathir Mohammed. It states that Naik cannot be handed over to India because his life may be in danger there. If any other country wants to give him shelter, then we are ready.


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