Young man murdered in sleep, police investigating


Agra: For the past few days, many heartbreaking cases are coming from Uttar Pradesh. Meanwhile, in the Nayagaon police station area of Etah, the young man was strangled with a sharp weapon. While the young man was sleeping on the terrace. The crook put his body in the field and escaped from there. The sensation spread on Thursday morning after the body was found. The body was sent for post-mortem by the police.

Murderer slit throat of Nagla Vishun Rahwasi Vasudev (20), son of Jadunath Singh, with a sharp weapon on Wednesday night. The young man slept on the roof of the house at night, the accused climbed the roof and killed him. The throat was strangled on the roof, after which the body was picked up and thrown into the field about 100 meters from the house. On the roof where Vasudev was sleeping, blood was also found scattered. 

The family did not hear anything, and after committing the crime, the culprit picked up the body and took it to the farm. Thursday morning people saw the dead body of a young man lying in the fields, then sensation spread in the village. The information of the entire case was given to the police. The police have started the investigation. Family members said that the young man was married five months ago, and there was a happy atmosphere in the family. The incident is now being investigated by the police.

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