You should be imprisoned, not my father: Tejashwi to Nitish Kumar

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Former deputy CM of Bihar and RJD leader, Tejashwi Yadav, has targeted CM Nitish Kumar. He wrote a letter addressing  Nitish Kumar. He wrote, ‘Respected dear Nitish uncle, you have lost respect in the public eye. Your opposition by the public at this place shows how obnoxious you are to the public, but you are still dear. The closeness of public silence is that the Maha Dalits have attacked you in Nandan village of Buxar. We strongly condemned it and also visited the incident.

He said, ‘Uncle, you said that no matter how much my father tried, you will not let him come out of jail. You will not let them come out of jail. I do not know what is the new conspiracy behind the Supreme Court verdict, and I know what is the irony of Bihar. Today, he is sitting in the jail for lifting the voice of the poor and the poor and you are cutting the cake with your beloved, beloved and face-handed Brajesh Thakur, involved in the abomination of innocent girls in Muzaffarpur Shelter Home.

Bihar knows that the thief who is taking a voter’s vote with fraud is sitting on a chair in Bihar today and is sitting on the chair of the country, who is destroying his life by showing false dreams to voters.

He further said, ‘The bulb and the road you are talking about are from 2004 to 2014 UPA-1 and UPA-2 in which our national president and revered Lalu ji Railway Minister, Shri Raghuvansh Babu Rural Development Minister and the then Energy Minister, Get up and get unlimited funds for Bihar’s development work, then going to Bihar, all this is destined to happen.

And you have also accepted this extraordinary contribution from the House to many public forums. How much of your contribution has been made in this? You have been a cabinet minister in the center from 1998 to 2004 but tell how much amount of money was received for Bihar’s development works.

If you want to have some comparative discussions and open debate on financial help given to Bihar during the UPA and NDA tenure, I am ready to challenge but I urge you not to confuse the people with lying. “

He said, ‘they tied you with narrow and negative thinking about the development and development of Bihar during that time. However, you were also saying that the person who wrote the letter from jail would return to the lantern day if he comes out of jail.  Uncle, today we tell you what is the reality of your claim?

After the Muzaffarpur rape conviction, after the Jantar-Mantar of New Delhi, the country’s fairly ordinary citizens had lit the first candle in the ‘Candle March’, the light of that candle had embarrassed the claims of putting all your bulbs. The only candle you open the poles to illuminate Bihar. You told the world that in your kingdom how dirty black darkness has spread in Bihar.


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