Uttar Pradesh: Woman Raped On Gunpoint, Police Beats Husband On Filing Report

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With the increasing crime rate, they raise the continuous questions on the Yogi Government. From the past 5 years, the government has always mentioned about the woman’s safety in the state. However, the cases of sexual assaults are increasing at an alarming rate.

UP And Crime

For safety, it is one of the most unsafe places in India. They report another case of sexual assault and rape in the state.

  In Mainpuri in Uttar Pradesh, miscreants looted with the couple. And, then raped the woman at night. The interesting thing is that when the woman’s husband gave the information to the police, instead of taking action, the police beat him.

 Woman Raped on Gunpoint

According to the report, on Friday night 5th July, the miscreants carried out the looting incident on GT road with a coupe. And, then they abducted the woman and put her in the car.

According to the information, on Friday evening the youth was going with his wife to his sister’s house. At around ten o’clock in the night, the car raiders raided the bike on gunpoint. After that, they abducted the woman in the car and raped her all night. The miscreants snatched the bike’s key from the woman’s husband.

The police beat the victim 

The man reached out to the police with the help of a passerby. After this, instead of looking for the woman, the police started to beat the youth on the allegation that he had killed her and hid her corpse. Police took the woman’s husband to the police station and beat him with a stick. And,  locked him in the lock-up.

The miscreants threw the women at the side of the road 

The victim threw the woman on the road in Eta area around 3:30 pm after raping the woman. 

After this, the victim informed the incident to her family. She told that the gunman raped her for about five hours on gunpoint. After this the Kurawali Police gave information about the incident to the Bichhawan police station.

Tried to suppress the case

 After the matter came to light, the hands of the policeman fell flat. After this, the police tried to suppress the case. Superintendent of Police (SP) Ajay Shankar Rai, who arrived on the spot, said that two other policemen along with Bichhawan Rajesh Pal Singh were suspended on the instructions of the IG.


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