Why Nick Jonas has only dated Women older than him?

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  • Hollywood singer, actor and Priyanka Chopra’s husband Nick Jonas is celebrating his 27th birthday on 16 September.
  • Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra tied the knot on December 2018.
  • Before Priyanka Chopra, Nick Jonas has dated many actresses older than him.
  • Nick had also given the reason in a chat show.

Nick Jonas revealed in a chat show in 2013 that the eldest of all the girls he dated so far was 35 years old. Nick had said that he dates older women than him because he knows what I want.

Nick has dated 55-year-old actress Demi Moore. According to reports, the two had met Demi through Demi’s daughter, Rumer Mills. In addition, Nick had dated seven-year-old Australian actress Delta Goodrem (33 years) and 13-year-old Kate Hudson (38 years). Huh.

He proposed Priyanka Chopra in Greece

According to a magazine, Nick first saw Priyanka in Quantico. He then sent a message to his co-actor Graham Rogers. Nick wrote – Priyanka is exquisite. He then wrote a message on social media to Priyanka in the year 2017 saying, “Our common friends say that we should meet.”

Priyanka told, they had gone to Los Angeles on the first date and there Nick told her I like your attitude like you are. On the third date, Nick proposed Priyanka sitting on her knees in Greece. Priyanka said yes after 45 seconds of silence.

Have become victims of this serious disease

Nick Jonas has died of diabetes at just 13 years old. Nick Jonas revealed his illness on social media. Nick Jonas shared two of his photos. With this, he wrote, “13 years ago they diagnosed me with type one diabetes. This photo of mine is before diabetes.

Nick further wrote in his post, “I controlled my diet completely. Apart from this, I paid special attention to my health. I used to do my blood sugar checks while doing regular exercises. I have now controlled this disease is.”

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