Who Taught Hrithik Roshan Bhojpuri for ‘Super 30’?

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The movie super-30 released on Friday. It is about Anand Kumar who prepared poor children for the IIT Entrance Examination. Ganesh Kumar of Bhagalpur taught Bihari to Hrithik Roshan. He played Anand in this movie. Ganesh plays the role of an Inspector in this film.

For 18 months, Ganesh taught Hrithik the Bihari tone and pronunciation. For this, he also took classes and tests. Nowadays they question Hrithik about the matter, did not you enjoy? Seeing a good performance, He used to say “You gave an amazing performance today.” in Bihari.

Initially, he was struggling to learn Bihari

Ganesh said, “Hrithik initially was struggling to learn Bihari. However, he later picked up fast. Ganesh taught him how to say Sunday. One has to say two, three, four, five six differently. It is said that Ganesha can now teach Hrithik to the nuances of Hindi too.
Ganesh told that there is no use of nukhta in Bihar. Angrezi is called Angreji Teaching all this – I taught him all the dialects of Bihar a little. Now he has learned the words of Bhojpuri, Magahi, Maithili, Angika, Bazjika.

Surkhikal’s Ganesh worked in many films

Surkhikal’s Ganesh Dhadak, Tumhari Sulu, Bullet Raja, Jolly LLB 2, Neil Butte Sannata, Indu Sarkar, Hotel Mumbai, has acted in 11 movies. Apart from this, many actors, including Diana Penty, have trained in Hindi Balance. He is a student of FTII Pune.

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