Who is the only cricketer in Forbes Top 100 Paid Athletes?

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Team India captain Virat Kohli has once again become the only cricketer to make the top-100 list of Forbes’ highest-earning players. From June 2018 to June 2019, his earnings are Rs 7 crore. ($ 1 million) increased to 173.5 million rupees ($ 2.5 million). Despite this, he reached the 100th place from the last 83rd position.

For the first time, Argentine footballer Lionel Messi reached the top of Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo. His last year’s earnings is 881.72 crore rupees ($ 12.7 million). Ronaldo earned 756.35 crores ($ 10.9 million) during this period. Here, there was a gap of about five times in the Mossi and the last position at the top spot of the top-100 and Kohli’s earnings. Forbes added players’ earnings, earnings from his endorsement and advertising, in the tournament, along with his salary.

Serena Williams is the only woman in Top 100

At the same time, tennis player Serena Williams is the only female involved in the top -100. Her earnings in the last year were 202.5 million rupees ($ 2.9 million). Roger Federer took fifth place with earnings of $ 647 million ($ 9.34 million) in the men’s category of tennis players

Forbes list includes athletes from 25 countries this time

The highest earning athletes are from 25 countries this time compared to the players in 22 countries. Their earnings were about $ 4 billion (Rs 27,763 crore), which was 5% higher than the last time. The last time American boxer Floyd Mayweather was at No. 1 with annual earnings of 1978 crores. That is, their earnings were more than that of Messi and Ronaldo’s combined earnings (1638.07). The special thing is that for the first time in the list, in the top-3 in three footballer rankings.

Player Nation Sports Earnings
Lionel Messi


Argentina football 881.72
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal football 756.35
Neymar Brazilian Football 728.64
Canelo Alvarez Mexico Boxing 652.31
Roger Federer Switzerland Tennis 648.21
Russell Wilson America American Football 621.15
Aaron Rogers America American Football 619.83
LeBron James America Basketball 617.74
Stefan Curry America Basketball 553.89
Kevin Durant US Basketball 453.94



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