Brad Pitt Asked Astronaut About The Indian Moon Lander

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When Brad Pitt called the International Space Station (ISS) Monday to talk to American astronaut Nick Hague, the conversation turned to the unexpected consequences of weightless life.

“The calluses on my feet have basically gone away because I don’t walk on the bottoms of my feet,” said Hague, who is currently living on the ISS with two other Americans, two Russians, and an Italian.

He also said that across the top of my foot, around my big toe, because I’m constantly hanging on things with my big toe.

“That’s incredible to see,” said Pitt, who held the 20-minute video call via split-screen from NASA’s Washington headquarters.

Brad Pitt was there for the promotion of the movie AdAstra

The call, which was broadcast on NASA TV, was part of Pitt’s promotional tour for his upcoming film “Ad Astra”, in which he plays an astronaut sent on a dangerous mission at the edge of the solar system.


“Let’s talk about me,” the actor said. “How did we do? How was our Zero-G?

“It was fantastic,” Hague replied.

Finally, the actor called on Hague’s extensive expertise to answer the most pressing question.

Who was more believable, Clooney (in the movie “Gravity”) or Pitt?

“You were,” Hague said. “Absolutely.”

During the conversation, Pitt asked about Indian moon lander

To give more information on the Vikram Lander, initially, the process of descending was going as per format but shortly after 1:40 am on September 7 the Chandrayan 2 lost contact with ISRO.

People had been awake and waiting for the biggest news of the year but sadly, at 2:18 am ISRO chief K Sivan confirmed that contact with Vikram had been lost.

However, the next day came as a ray of hope when they could spot Vikram lander from above at the moon’s southern pole.

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