Big Boss 13: What’s with the fight between Madhurima and Shefali!

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Bigg Boss 13’s wild card contestant Madhurima Tuli is currently the target of all the family members, and this is because of their helplessness. Ever since Madhurima has appeared on the show, the family members are worried about her doom. Sometimes to clean the utensils and sometimes to cook, Madhurima starts quarreling with the family for doing everything. Recently, this happened again when Shefali Jariwala asked him for a pot.



Colors have shared a video of this quarrel on his Instagram in which Madhurima, Shefali, and Vishal are seen fighting badly. Shefali is seen in the video, lovingly tells Madhurima to clean the dishes. But Madhurima refuses to say that at this time there is no captain in the house, then she will not do this work alone. After this Aarti and Shefali tell them that if there is no captain in the house, what will not work? After this, there is a vigorous debate among the three. Meanwhile, Madhurima abuses Shefali, which increases Shefali’s anger.

After this Vishal came to wash dishes with them but Madhurima started quarreling with him too. After which Vishal and also started fighting among them. By the way, a fight between Vishal and Madhurima is neither a matter or a big thing. Ever since the two have come together in the show, they keep quarreling over something. Although love has also been shown between the two, both of them themselves have confessed that they are confused about their relationship.


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