6 reasons why getting a pet should be your number one priority this year

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Surely, the beginning of every new year is filled with hopes and resolutions for a better future. But since 2020 also marks the onset of a new decade altogether, it calls for an even bigger, better change—one that can make you happier and healthier like no other.

No points for guessing, I am talking about getting a pet here. A cute dog, a naughty cat, a sluggish turtle, a tiny guinea pig—whatever makes you happy needs to be brought home this year.

Whatever pet makes you happy needs to brought home this year

If you’re still not convinced, these science-backed reasons why pets are simply the best thing that can happen to you, will land you right outside a pet shop, I bet:

1. Do it for the sake of a stress-free year ahead

A study conducted in Sweden observed that female volunteers had considerably lower levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, post 15-30 minutes of interaction and cuddles with their pet.

This was accompanied by a considerable increase in the levels of the happiness hormone, oxytocin, in their bodies, within five minutes of being with the pet.

2. And for the sake of a slimmer waist too

With a pet’s companionship and affection comes great responsibility. After all, they too need to be taken out for a stroll to grab some fresh air and well, poop! Right?

But you know what? Even this responsibility comes with a superb advantage. All the extra calories you burn while walking your pet can make you lose weight.

In fact, a study conducted at Michigan State University found that dog owners exercise about half an hour more than people who don’t have a pet. What more do you want from life, huh?

3. They can help you deal with rejection

Perhaps, your crush’s “I like you—as a friend,” literally crushed your hopes or not being selected for the job you were eyeing or the exam you were trying to crack made you feel low in the past year/decade. Imagine having a dog or a cat or a tortoise, who’d hear your sob story minus the judgments and made you smile with their unconditional affection through it all.

4. Your quest for a soulmate will get fulfilled

Why fear, when a pet is here? As per a study, published in the journal Aging & Mental Health, having pets can make one feel less lonely especially during old age when one’s social interactions become lesser.

But, the same logic can applied to millennials like you and me. Also, who might feel lonely despite being surrounded by friends and acquaintances? A pet can surely fill up this void though.

5. Yep, you might actually find “the one”

No kidding about this one, girls. Apart from making you feel less lonely, your pet can play a catalyst in striking conversations with people around and sparking relationships, according to a 2015 study published in PLOS One.

In fact, dog owners tend to have stronger relationships in their lives, or so, says another study conducted by psychologists from Miami University and St. Louis University.

6. So, consider your heart protected

Actually, this protection doesn’t just come from the fact that a pet will love you always and never break your heart.

A gazillion studies, including a Chinese one conducted in 2017. However, it found that adopting a pet linked with a reduced risk of coronary artery disease. Also, heart attacks, lower cholesterol levels, and obviously, lower stress levels. Hence, your heart’s protected—literally, okay?

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