Weight loss surgery is not the right Option: Obesity Society of India

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Recently, the Obesity Society of India has reported that the number of people who undergo weight loss surgery (bariatric) has exploded. Among them, Metro cities are at the forefront. If the ratio of length and weight, ie BMI level is over 40, then this surgery is effective. If people think this is a way to avoid dieting and exercise, then they can be wrong. Experts are telling you what to keep in mind:

Case Study 1: A 42-year-old man weighed 181 kg, length 5 feet 8 inches. But somehow the weight was not losing, so he underwent weight-loss surgery. In which it shortens the stomach from inside. He lost 50 to 60 kg in the next 6-8 months because he was eating less food now. But if they did not change food, then nutritional deficiencies started happening. Gradually, he adopted old food. Hunger increased, he gained weight despite bariatric surgery, while at present they consider it is the last option to lose weight. When the situation started becoming uncontrollable, he again reached the doctors’ shelter.

Case Study 2: The 24-year-old girl weighed about 100 kg while the length was 5 feet 3 inches. When weight loss did not happen because of exercise and dieting, he underwent bariatric surgery. Actually, the girl wanted the same figure as she was in college. After the surgery, the weight came down to 65 kg in a few months but started complaining of weakness and nervousness. However, from the outside, she was happy that she looked thin. But the problems grew so much that the doctors had to revert their surgery process. After this, the weight reached 75 kg in one or two months as the appetite increased.

Do not ignore the side effects of surgery

Dietician Sonia Narang says that she has many such cases when people get upset because of obesity and get bariatric surgery and their quality of life has improved. But we cannot forget that this surgery also has side effects which occur in every surgery.

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