We have had enough of these fake threats: MEA on Zawahiri’s Video

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The Foreign Ministry spokesman has reacted to the threat given to al-Qaeda’s leader al-Zawahiri by India. Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar said that we keep hearing such threats, I do not think we should take them seriously. Zawahiri had issued a video on Wednesday and asked ‘Mujahideen in Kashmir’ to continue the attack on the Indian army and the government.

Ravish Kumar said, ‘Our security forces are fully prepared and able to maintain regional sovereignty and security. We need not take any such threats seriously.

The international terrorist organization al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri had issued a video message to ‘Mujahideen in Kashmir’ that he would continue to attack the Indian army and the government. This message was released by the Media Wing Al Shabab of Al Qaeda. Zawahiri also told how in Pakistan Pakistan is promoting cross-border terrorism in Kashmir.

The message from Al Qaeda is the title of the message, ‘Do not forget Kashmir’. In his message, Zawahiri said, “(I) think the mujahideen in Kashmir should focus only on the attack on the Indian army and the government at the present level. This will weaken the Indian economy and there will be a shortage of workers and goods. ‘ Zawahiri did not mention the recently killed terrorist Zakir Musa. Musa was the Chief of al-Qaeda in the Kashmir Valley.

Kashmiri youth arrived for army recruitment

The threat of Al-Qaida gangster Zawahiri has not affected Kashmiri youth. A living example of this fact, on Wednesday some 5500 Kashmiri youth came to join the army. A young man who came to join the army said, “I will call upon all to join the Indian Army. Although there is strong competition for joining the army, I will call upon people to come and sign for it. Another young man said that he has always dreamed that he joined the Indian Army. There is unemployment in Kashmir.

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