Vikram Lander stands on the Moon undamaged: ISRO

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There is a lot of good news about Chandrayaan-2. An ISRO officer associated with this mission said that Vikram Lander is lying close to the predetermined site. The great thing is that there is no breakage in it and the whole part is slightly bent on the moon’s surface. He said on Monday, “Vikram has made a hard landing and the photo sent by the orbiter’s camera shows that he is lying very close to the designated site. Vikram is not broken and his entire share is safe. ‘

60 to 70% expectation of contact: former ISRO chief

Former ISRO Chief Madhavan Nair said on receiving this information that there is still a 60 to 70 percent chance of getting contacted again with Vikram. He expressed this hope while talking to our affiliate channel Times Now. VN Jha, a scientist and former joint director of DRDO, also said that they can connect the ISRO center to Vikram any day.

A good condition so far: ISRO officer

However, another ISRO officer believes that if one part of Vikram was damaged, it would not be possible to connect, but he also described the situation so far as ‘good’. He said, “As long as each part of Vikram is not correct, it will be very difficult to contact him. There is little hope. A connection can only be done if it is soft-landing and working properly. Nothing can be said yet. “However, the situation so far is good,” he said.

Great dependence on Antina’s attitude

He said that if Vikram’s Antina’s attitude is in the right direction, then the work will become easier. He said, ‘If Antina’s attitude is towards the ground station or orbiter, then the work will become easier. This operation is very difficult. But, good hope. We are praying. ‘ He said, ‘We have limitations. We have the experience of finding a spacecraft lost in the geostationary orbit. But, there is not that kind of operation flexibility on the moon. It is lying on the moon and we cannot move it. ‘ He told that Vikram is consuming energy, which is not a concern as it has solar panels. Also, the battery inside it is not very much used.

Significantly, on the intervening night of 6-7 September, when Vikram Lander was moving on the lunar surface under the predetermined process, then suddenly he lost contact with ISRO. Vikram’s distance from the lunar surface was 2.1 km. ISRO is trying to connect with Vikram again.

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