Kashmiri Pandits also worked in Shikara : Vidhu Vinod Chopra

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The trailer of Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s film Shikara, which is giving pain to Kashmiri Pandits, has been released. Vidhu has made this film dedicated to his mother. The film on true events will show the story of Pandits who were made homeless from Kashmir in 1990. Shikara is releasing on 7 February.

Shared Experience: Vidhu, while sharing the story of the shooting, told that a scene of the film showed a woman crying during the registration. After completion of the shot, if asked for the retake, she has done the bidding twice, will not be done a third time. When Vidhu told her this is the second take, she said that she had done it for the first time even 30 years ago.

A cancer patient was also involved: Kashmiri Pandit Banshilal was also a cancer victim in the shooting of Shikara. But he did not tell about getting cancer. Now Banshilal is not alive, but when he was asked to eat at the shooting, he refused to say he is not hungry. While the reality was that they could not eat, but despite this, they continued to work. He wished that everything that Kashmiri Pandits went through in the film could be revealed.


Vidhu has said in an interview that he has shot for the film along with Kashmiri Pandits. So that reality can be shown in the film. If I had chosen Mumbai actors to play the role of refugia, I think the film would lose its originality.

It was the generosity of all the women, children and even older residents of Jagati Refugee Camp and all other camps that they agreed to be a part of this film and spend days and nights amidst the difficult circumstances of the shooting. But they were more curious than me. I don’t think I could have done it without them.

Vidhu further states that these were real Kashmiri Pandits, so they were not acting, rather they were going through the conditions that they had met two or four 30 years ago. Most of the actors in the film are from Kashmir because I did not want any Mumbai face to spoil this originality. Significantly, the film’s lead actors Adil Khan and Saadia are also Kashmiri.

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