Venezuela support Iran in fight against America


Washington: After the warning given to Iran by the US two days ago, now things are looking worse. In this case, after the jump of Venezuela, war-like situations have arisen. Venezuela has made it clear that it will assist Iran and that is how the US Navy is preparing to take action on Iranian ships.

In fact, Venezuela imports a large number of petrol and diesel from Iran, which Iran said in the past that the US is busy harassing its ships, but under no circumstances will it stop supplying oil to Venezuela. Not only this, Iran had also threatened Americans living in Syria and other Gulf countries to face serious consequences for this.

Now Venezuela has jumped into this tension of America and Iran. Venezuela's Defense Minister General Vladimir Pastorino said he would welcome Iranian ships to his Special Economic Zone and protect it from any US attack. Let us tell you that the special economic zone of any country extends up to 200 nautical miles from the coast. Entry into this field requires the approval of the respective country.

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