Uttar Pradesh: More trains can run from this date


Varanasi: Due to Corona epidemic, many tasks in the country have been interrupted. Due to the lockdown issued due to Corona, the work of many areas has stopped. In some states of the country, there was some relief from the start of the unlock process, but due to the increase in the infected people, the lockdown was implemented in many states. Every day Corona cases are increasing. Every country in the world is making various efforts to deal with it, but no successful results have been revealed.

Meanwhile, a big decision has been taken, the number of trains running Corona Special is going to increase after August 12. Currently, in addition to 5 trains, trains running on different routes can be run from Varanasi. In which there is a plan to run Bundelkhand Express running between Varanasi to Gwalior, Marudhar Express running from Varanasi to Rajasthan. Some passenger trains are also expected to start.

In addition, passenger trains will be given reservation in the same manner as the chaircar, so that each passenger can get a seat to sit with the social distance by taking an additional reservation fee of Rs 15. The Divisional Railway Administration is ready for its operation. Booking in this train will start as soon as the approval from the board. For this, brainstorming is also being done in the railway board. Due to COVID-19, the Railways has stopped operating trains from 23 March. To give relief to the passengers, the operation of 14 Rajdhani specials of up and down and 200 special express trains was started from May 12 in the whole country. There are 5 trains originating and terminating from Varanasi. There are also more than 6 passing trains. This decision has brought a lot of relief to the passengers.

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