US court imposes a $ 2 million fine on President Donald Trump

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  • President Trump accused of illegally using ‘Trump Foundation’
  • The New York Attorney General filed the lawsuit last year on Trump
  • Trump used this foundation for the presidential election campaign and business
  • In his decision, the judge said that the Trump Foundation should close now


A New York court has ordered US President Donald Trump to pay a fine of $ 2 million (about Rs 15 crore) for misuse of his charitable foundation. The allegations on President Trump in the court proved correct that he used his charitable foundation to serve his political and business interests.

US court imposes hefty $2.8 million  fine on President Donald Trump

According to a WriteApp report, Judge New York court, while delivering his decision on the matter on Thursday. He, also ordered that the Trump Foundation closed the remaining funds (about $ 1.7 million). However, this foundation to transferred to other non-profit organizations. Be divided into.

Trump’s lawsuit was filed last year by New York Attorney General Letitia James. He accused the President of the US and his family. Trump and his family illegally used the foundation for their business and their campaigns during the presidential election.

Attorney General James filed this lawsuit seeking $ 2.8 million (2.8 million) in damages on President Trump. But Judge Scrapula reduced this amount to $ 2 million. The lawyer for the foundation had earlier said that the trial of President Trump politically motivated.

Donald Trump agree for reimburse

As part of the settlement, Trump also agreed to reimburse $11,525 to the foundation for its payment of auction items at a charitable benefit and to comply with certain restrictions if he wants to join the board of another New York charity. Those restrictions include that the majority of the board members of the charity must not be Trump’s family members or have any business relationship with him, his companies or any companies owned by his relatives.

The list of nonprofits that the judge approved to receive Trump’s $2 million includes the Army Emergency Relief, Children’s Aid Society, City Meals-on-Wheels, Give an Hour, Martha’s Table, United Negro College Fund, United Way of Capital Area and the US Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Those organizations will also receive equal portions of the charity’s remaining liquid assets. However, which total roughly $1.8 million, according to the judge’s order.

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