US bans Chinese officials’ visas, advises Uigar Muslims

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  • Pompeo said in a statement, “America appeals to China to immediately stop its campaign of repression in Xinjiang.
  • The US Secretary of State said, “China has tried hard to control the Uygar, Kazakh and Kryg minority Muslims in Xinjiang.”
  • The US Ministry of Commerce on Monday put 28 Chinese entities in the blacklist

It has also banned visas of its officials after banning 28 entities of China. It has taken this decision on Tuesday over the suppression of Uygar Muslims in China’s troubled Xinjiang province.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement, “The US appeals to China to immediately stop its campaign of repression in Xinjiang.” is charged.

Chinese Officials visas got  ban by the US

US Secretary of State Pompeo said, “The Chinese government has tried to tighten control over Uygar, Kazakh and Kyrg minority Muslims in Xinjiang province.” He said, “China has largely kept minority Muslims in detention camps as part of its action.” Hi-tech surveillance is being done. Their cultural and religious identity tightly controlled. Apart from this, various restrictions imposed on people returning from abroad and strict monitoring done.

He said that these visa restrictions are on the officials of the Chinese government and the Communist Party. However, they are responsible for stricter control over all Muslims living in China. Also, Uygar, Kazakh and Kyrg. Not only this, but the US has also decided to impose visa restrictions on these officers and their families. The US had decided to blacklist 28 Chinese organizations a day before this decision.

These two steps taken by the US in the wake of the ongoing trade war between the two countries can further increase the tension. Significantly, the US Commerce Ministry on Monday put 28 Chinese organizations on the blacklist.

However, the decision announced by US Commerce Minister Wilbur Ross.

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