UP police runs e-rickshaw to catch robber, accused arrested


Agra: In order to apprehend a criminal of a gang who robs auto and e-rickshaws in Agra in the country's state of Uttar Pradesh, the constable of Hariparvat had to drive an e-rickshaw for three days. On robbing of an elderly person sitting in his rickshaw on Friday, the police caught the criminal Shankar red-handed. On the same rampage of robbery in the same riding vehicles, the police were searching for the gang on MG Road.

The soldier Gautam was made the driver of the e-rickshaw. He rode an e-rickshaw from Sanjay Place to Lohamondi. In the conversation with other drivers, ask about the suspects. On Thursday afternoon, from Sanjay Place to the Hariparwat intersection, the old passenger sat in his e-rickshaw. A person equal to him sat with a bag on his feet. He robbed the old man's money. The soldier caught on making the noise of old man. 65 thousand rupees were recovered from him.

The old man who robbed in the rickshaw works in a cloth showroom. His daughter is going to get married. He was coming out of the fund. He got scared after catching Police. He felt that the police are also friends of a pickpocket. On reaching the police station, his fear was eradicated. However, the old man did not register any case. In the inquiry at the police station Hariparvat, the criminal first told his name Sanjay Gihara Rahwasi Purva, police station Bindki, Fatehpur. He later reveals his real name was Shankar Rahwasi Ramnagar Gihar Basti, Thana Chibramau, Kannauj. Action is being taken by the police.

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