United Nations is going through financial constraints

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  • UN Secretary-General said that lack of funds with the UN, it is difficult to pay salaries to employees
  • Antonio Gutarais blamed member countries for the economic crisis
  • UN Secretary-General directs spending cuts to overcome economic crisis
  • However, Gutarais also referred to postponing conferences and meetings to reduce spending.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Gutarais has said that the global body is struggling with a lack of funds. He said that the United Nations is short of $230 million in cash and is expected to run out of money by the end of October. In a letter to 37,000 employees working at the United Nations Secretariat, Gutarais said on Monday that additional steps would be taken to reduce expenses to pay salaries and other allowances to employees.

United Nations going to face a shortage of money by October

Gutarace complained about the state of the international organization struggling with a lack of funds. He wrote in his letter, ‘Member countries have paid only 70 percent of our regular budget required for 2019. Also, due to this, the body has a cash deficit of $230 million in September. Our semen is at risk of exhausting the existing cash reserves by the end of this month. ‘

Gutarais has cited conferences, postponement of meetings and cuts in services to cut spending. However, he also mentioned the official visit and steps to save energy only for the work.

However, according to a UN official, the Secretary-General had asked member countries to increase the contribution amount to solve the cash problem of the global body.

Also, earlier this year, but the member countries refused.

The UN Secretary-General blamed the member countries for the financial situation. “Ultimately, the member countries are responsible for the financial situation of the United Nations,” said Gutarace. However, the UN budget for 2018-19 was about $5.4 billion.

However, America contributed 22 percent to it. This does not include the expenses incurred for peace- related work.

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