Two killed in London terror attack, police killed the attacker

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  • The terrorist attack on Britain’s famous London Bridge on Friday
  • Many people were injured in this attack, some of whom are in critical condition.
  • Police have confirmed that a suspect has been piled
  • According to reports, two of the injured died during treatment


A statement from the police issued that they have piled the suspect who carried out the attack up after the incident of Friday’s stabbing at London Bridge was termed as a terrorist attack. Police said the suspect who wore the bomb vest was a fake. According to local media reports, two of the people injured in the incident have died.

Neil Basu, the assistant commissioner of Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Policing, said in a statement to the media at London’s New Scotland Yard headquarters they injured several people used in the incident, some of whom were in critical condition.

Two killed in London terror attack

Neil Basu said that the Metropolitan Police Force was trying to find out the reason for this attack first with an open mind as the counter-tariff officers in this area constantly conduct search operations so that there is no incident that threatens the lives of the people.

He said in his statement, ‘We received a report of the incident of knife raid on London Bridge at 2 pm today, after which the officers of the Metropolitan Police and City of London Police reached the spot and initiated action. They have piled the suspect on the spot by Ordered Specialist Officers of the London Police ‘.

Giving information about the bomb jacket, Basu said, ‘We also received reports that the attacker may have explosives as well, due to which special officers they called to the spot. However, I confirm that the explosive device on the jacket the suspect was wearing was fake ‘.

The investigation into the case has now handed over to officers of the UK’s counter-terror unit. At the same time, the number of people injured in the attack has not confirmed. According to BBC reports, two of the injured have died while undergoing treatment at the hospital.


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