Turkey launches Air Strike in Syria after US withdraw Army

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Turkey has started an airstrike in its neighboring country Syria soon after the US withdraw its army. There are also reports of casualties of common people. However, Turkey claims to be taking action against Kurdish forces and the Islamic State. Turkey considers Kurdish fighters as terrorists. India has complained about Turkey’s unilateral decision and appealed to it to respect the territorial integrity of Syria.

The Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying, “We complain about Turkey’s unilateral military offensive in northeast Syria.” Turkey’s move could undermine stability in the region and the fight against terrorism. This move is likely to create a humanitarian crisis. ‘

“We appeal to Turkey to respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Syria and exercise restraint,” the ministry said. We appeal for a peaceful resolution of the issue through dialogue and discussion. ‘

What is the whole matter?

A few days ago, US President Donald Trump announced the withdrawal of his troops stationed on the Syrian-Turkish border. He said that Turkey will have to solve its own problem. When Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdogan announced an airstrike on Syria, the US warned Ankara on the move that if it crossed its limits, Washington would destroy its economy.

However, it does not seem to affect Turkey and President Erdogan announced on Wednesday that we have started an airstrike in Syria. He definitely claimed that ordinary citizens will not be targeted in this attack and the attack is only on Kurdish forces and IS. He also said that they would respect the sovereignty of Syria. But according to the local report, the attack has increased anxiety among ordinary citizens and is worrying about their safety.

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