Tips of To Consider While Helping Your Child With Home Work

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Many parents consider it their duty to get children to do homework. While if we talk about the children, they don’t like doing homework. But this daily education is necessary so that they can prepare the child for the future.

How to set a time table 

Most parents create a time-table for children. Make some changes in it. Ask the children to set their own timetable. In this, ask to start from the time of arrival in school. This should include their playing, eating, rest time. By doing this, they will do the homework as per their choice. This will also develop their management capabilities. Set a specific time for homework. Depending on the age of the child, 15 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour can also be determined. 

You Should Stay Around 

Children often start playing while doing homework or they get distracted in something else. Try to have the child’s study table where you stay around. Try to read your favorite book while the child is doing homework. By this, the child will also do his work by looking at you. Apart from this, you will also be able to monitor the child whether he is doing his work properly. 

Stay in touch with the teacher

Parents should always be in touch with the teacher. With this, they will get all the information related to the child. Always attend a parent-teacher meeting. Check the school diary with no carelessness. This will also make the child feel that you are active in his studies.

The foundation should be strong  

Homework of the children should not be mere food. While doing homework, take care that the child is getting basic education or not. The aim is not just to pass the exam or perform well. Children understand the questions given in the exam. Tell them to remember with logic from the beginning, so they can know about every little thing.

Things To Keep Away From Children While Studying

It is very common, but we pay less attention to it. There are many things in the house that distract the attention of children. Among them, TV, computer, mobile phone are the main ones. Do not keep these things at the place where children study or arrange a separate place for studies. Mothers often use the phone when their children sit and do the home-work. Doing so distracts the child’s attention and they feel that they are being forced into homework, while the mother herself is using a TV/phone. Therefore, try to keep the child’s place of study in isolation.

Don’t Help Them

Parents often sit down to help, seeing more of the child’s homework. Some distribute homework, as an example, start making assignments, projects, etc. on their own. Take care that this work belongs to the child and not yours. Your onetime help will make them dependent on you. If you want to help, then give them guidance and not sit down to do it yourself. 


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