Thousands of prisoners escaped from Brazilian prison


In Brazil jails, a large number of prisoners have escaped due to fear of Corona virus. Thousands of prisoners escaped before the laydown there on Monday, but the authorities have not yet clarified the number of prisoners escaped there.

According to local media about this case, about 1,500 prisoners escaped from Brazil's four-cm open prison. The Health Ministry there has so far given the number of people infected with coronavirus 234, after which there is a fear about this virus in the jails of Brazil.

For your information, let us tell you that in view of the growing infection of Corona in Brazil, prisoners were quarantined in the jails there. This prisoner ran away from this fear. The Department of Public Safety of the Secretariat of São Paulo says that the quarantine measure is appropriate because the escaped people could be infected by more prisoners when they are brought back to prison. Because this virus spreads rapidly from human to human.

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