This bridge built on Malpa road connects India to China


These days there is a huge dispute between India and China. Gref (General Reserve Engineer Force) has achieved another great success on the script road connecting India and China. Gref has completed the construction of Bailey Bridge and has started the movement of vehicles from the bridge. Gref is working at a very high speed on this strategically important road. After the construction of this bridge, the army personnel going to the border and the people of seven villages of Vyas Valley can get great benefit. The Malpa Bailey Bridge, under the leadership of the Commanding Officer of RCC Gref, was duly inaugurated after the Pooja recitation. On the Tawaghat-Lipulek road, the strategic point of view is engaged in road construction under BRO diamond project. Besides, 67 RCC Gref after the defense minister inaugurated the road online on May 8 in view of border dispute and upcoming monsoon. On the war level, by constructing a road day and night, two Bailey bridges have been constructed in Budhi and Malpa within one and a half months.

Soon the movement of civil vehicles may begin. The construction of these bridges can provide relief to the people of seven villages of Vyas Valley as well as army, ITBP, SSB personnel, Kailash Mansarovar Yatris, besides Kailash, Om Parbat, India China merchants. During the inauguration, 67 RCC command officers were taken. Col. Gurtej Singh has also congratulated all the laborers including AEEP Mandal, AE Devashish, JE Danu Prasad engaged in constructing the bridge. All the employees cheered each other by feeding them sweets. The movement of civil trains from this bridge can also start from Sunday. With the construction of the Bailey Bridge at Malpa, Gref has added the Tawaghat-Lipulek completely.

People of Vyas Valley are very happy with the road being fully connected. Due to the construction of the bridge, the army can also provide goods, logistics, etc. at the border. The road of Gruji Gunji, Nabi, Kuti Limpiyadhura and Gunji, Kuti Jolingkang Road in China border is also being done from the war level. The construction of this road can also benefit Adi Kailash travelers. Here, 67 RCC grefs of 34 km road are being built rapidly. The road is expected to be ready in three months. Gref has completed the construction of the road between Najang, Malpa, Lamari to Budi by cutting inaccessible rocks from both sides. Congratulations to all the officers and employees of Gref on the road being fully connected to Vyas Valley.

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