These Allegation Are Baseless: Karan Johar on House Party Row

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There was a lot of controversy surrounding Karan Johar’s house party.

The controversy occurred after the video of Karan Johar’s house party surfaced online.

On the video, Shiromani Akali Dal MLA Manjinder Sirsa fiercely targeted and alleged that the stars are using drugs.

Apart from other stars, we can see movie stars like Deepika Padukone, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan, and Vicky Kaushal.

I wouldn’t Have Shared the Video if Something was Happening: Karan

And, now after months, Karan Johar has spoken about the controversy.

Karan Johar, in a recent interview, dismissed Manjinder Sirsa’s allegations outright.

He said that if drugs were being taken in the party, then why would I record and share it online?

Karan also said, “They were successful people in the industry who were enjoying the night out after a lot of hard work, spending a good time. That video was taken with complete honesty … if there was something happening there had I shared that video, I am not an idiot.”

On the allegation that Vicky Kaushal used drug powder, Karan said, “Apparently you cannot scratch your nose. Apparently, you cannot put your phone in your back pocket. Apparently, a shadow of light is perceived to be some kind of powder.”

Karan told, “Vicky Kaushal was recovering from dengue disease and was drinking hot water with lemon.”

He further said, “My mother, 5 minutes before this video, was sitting with us. It was that kind of family, happy, social gathering, where friends were sitting and having a good time and we were listening to some music, having some good food and having good conversational energy there. There was nothing else going on.”

These are Baseless Accusation: Karan Johar

Describing the allegations as baseless, Karan said, “I do not react well to such baseless allegations because that’s what they are baseless,”

He further said, “I have also spoken to them … I will not take such things. Next time if they make baseless allegations I will take the legal route. You cannot hurt our reputation because of your thinking. You can not put baseless allegation, which has no basis, nor is it true. This is ridiculous,”

What allegations did Sirsa make?

Let us tell you that after the video came out, Manjinder Singh Sirsa released an open letter accusing Karan Johar and Bollywood stars of flogging drugs. The MLA said that this video is evidence that the stars have taken drugs.

Manjinder Sirsa had demanded the Mumbai Police to register an FIR against Karan Johar and Bollywood stars for flouting drugs under The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985.


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