The toll of deaths get unstoppable in MGM of Warangal


The toll of deaths due to Corona continues in MGM of Warangal city. Recently, there happened a case wherein, Khurshid, a senior lab technician working in the lab at MGM, lost his life while receiving treatment with Corona. Corona victims and survivors, on the other hand, are in critical condition due to a lack of proper medical facilities in the COVID ward. Patients are suffering from conditions such as not receiving proper care and unresponsiveness from RMO. 

Krishnam Raju termed the demise of Manikyala Rao as a huge loss

Corona patients are struggling to get proper treatment. And such things denote the poor healthcare facilities in the southern part of India. The condition of two corona patients is reported to be alarming. Twelve on-duty doctors expressed concern that medical kits were not available and that facilities should be added. Those who are actually into core treatment of corona patients are in trouble. A week after the superintendent resigned, the government is yet to replace someone on his behalf, so that the treatment must go on. During the spread of corona virus, there were situations where the coordinating officer or the MGM would arrive.

Former Minister of Andhra Manikyala Rao breathes his last

After the outbreak of such a massive pandemic, there has been a halt in the functioning of various firms, leading to a decrease in the economy and the rise of unemployment. Poor healthcare facilities and lack of trained medical staff is also one such reason wherein the cases are not under control. But still, India has managed to handle the situation by ordering unlock in different phases in different regions. 

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