Rohit Saraf reveals how Mrs. Jonas boosted his morale

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Rohit Saraf is not new to showbiz. For those not in the know, Rohit had already featured in films like Dear Zindagi and Hitchki. In Dear Zindagi, Rohit played the role of Ali Bhatt’s brother whereas he played an elite class student in Rani Mukherjee-starrer Hitchki. The actor is all set to feature in The Sky Is Pink now alongside, Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar and Zaira Wasim in key roles.

Rohit plays Ishaan in the film, Priyanka and Farhan’s first child. He added that all of it happened in four rounds between May and July last year. “This film gave me the closure of a death, which I never thought I would need as I had believed that I’d made peace with it. It was only during the film, that I realised there was so much more that I had to deal with and it happened while I was on the set,” Rohit said. While on the sets, he found a mentor and confidante in director Shonali. Shonali too went through the same trauma when she lost her elder son a few years ago. He revealed that Shonali considered him as the third son she never had.

What is the hype all about

As the film deals with a personal loss, there’s bound to be emotional scenes. Rohit revealed that Priyanka Chopra helped him prep for an ’emotionally draining scene’ in London. That boosted my morale and changed my perspective towards the scene,” Rohit added. Rohit opened up that he was quite surprised at that. But added that he bonded with Zaira as they both are ‘socially awkward’ people. He added that he will miss the looks they exchanged when they felt awkward on the sets.

Meanwhile, the trailer of The Sky Is Pink is being appreciated by people on social media. They are all hearts for Priyanka- Farhan’s chemistry and are excited because it is Priyanka’s comeback film. And wait, they are super-impressed with her screen presence in the trailer Don’t believe what we said?

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