Government will think on Army Chief Narwane’s statement on PoK

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  • Army Chief Manoj Narwane’s poke statement on the central government’s big statement
  • The government said that it would definitely look into the statement of the army chief
  • Let me tell you that Narwane had said a few days ago that the Army can take action in PoK on getting government orders.


The central government has given a big statement after the statement of Army Chief Manoj Mukund Narwane, whoever took action after the government’s order on Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK). Supporting the Army Chief’s statement, the central government said it would look into it.

The central government said they will look at Army Chief statement on PoK

Minister of State Naik said today, ‘This is his passion. It is not wrong to say this to them, but the government will definitely look into it.

Army Chief said this on PoK

General Narwane had said in a big statement that we can take action anytime after getting the government’s order. He spoke to the media about the future of PoK and said that it could become a part of India. However, he clarified that the decision has to be taken by the central government. On Pakistan’s conspiracy on LoC, the army chief said that through intelligence inputs and military readiness, we are succeeding in destroying Pakistan’s conspiracies.

Army awaits government orders on POK

Describing PoK as part of India, Home Minister Amit Shah has made a statement in Parliament. On the question related to this, the army chief said, “Jammu and Kashmir is a part of united India as per the parliamentary resolution. If the Parliament wants the region (PoK) to be included in our region also. Whenever the order related to this comes. However, we are ready for appropriate action.

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