Rajya Sabha passes SPG Amendment Bill as Congress walks out

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Union Minister Amit Shah, in his address in the Rajya Sabha regarding the SPG Bill, said that former prime ministers’ SPG cover had also been withdrawn. He was responding to the accusations raised by Opposition leaders over the withdrawal of the special protection from the Gandhi family.

He said, “Former prime ministers’ SPG cover also withdrawn. Narsimha Rao, Chandrashekar, IK Gujral, and Manmohan Singh are among former prime ministers whose SPG security cover has been withdrawn. In a democracy, the law is the same for everyone, not special for a family.”

The central government decided last month to withdraw the SPG protection of the Gandhi family

Home Minister Amit Shah made a statement in the Rajya Sabha on the SPG amendment bill on Tuesday. Shah said that we have made the fifth amendment in this bill and this change was not done keeping the Gandhi family in mind. Yes, the 4 amendments that were made earlier… were undoubtedly done keeping a family in mind.

The central government decided last month to withdraw the SPG protection of the Gandhi family. Now security arrangements of Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi Vadra handed over to CRPF.

SPG security cannot make a status symbol- Shah

Shah said- Security cannot make a status symbol. Why only demand for SPG? The SPG security ring is only for the head of the nation, we cannot give it to everyone. We are not against anyone’s family, but we are against the politics of the dynasty.

Earlier on the introduction of the bill in the Lok Sabha, Shah said – the purpose of introducing the bill to improve it. The SPG protection cover will be available only to the Prime Minister and his family members living officially in the Prime Minister’s residence. In addition, SPG protection will be given to the former Prime Minister and his family, who are officially staying in the government-allotted accommodation.

Some people entered Priyanka’s house without permission

A week ago, some people entered Priyanka’s house unannounced. These people also tried to take a selfie with Priyanka. A complaint made to the CRPF for an investigation into the matter and the security team also replaced it. Priyanka’s husband Robert Vadra said on Tuesday – this is a big lapse. The central government should not have removed SPG protection from the Gandhi family at all. The central government does what it wants. This is just a political agenda.


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