Terrorist Groups launch Anti-India Protests in PoK

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On Friday, 16th August, terrorist groups held an anti-India protest in Muzaffarabad in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK). 

According to the video in the media – terrorist organizations are being reorganized for the purpose of starting Jihad against India. Pakistani officials are instigating terrorist groups such as the Hizbul Mujahideen and the United Jihad Council (UJC). Syed Salahuddin is the Hizbul leader.

There is a panic among terrorists after the abolition of Articles 370 and 35A by Jammu and Kashmir by India. 

Former militants along with Hizbul supporters shouted anti-India slogans outside the Press Club in Muzaffarabad on Thursday. During this, they also spoke of waging jihad against India.

Hizbul supporters Khalid Saifullah and Naib Amir along with many former terrorists raised anti-India slogans. Saifullah said in his hate speech, “Any action works more than words. My friends, we are all ready for jihad.”

Saifullah praised former President Zia ul-Haq for threatening India even during Rajiv Gandhi.

‘Traditional war between India and Pakistan will Not Take Place’

Saifullah had earlier said- “Rajiv, do you want to attack Pakistan?” Ok, please proceed! But please remember one thing that people will forget Genghis Khan and Hilaku Khan after that. They will remember Zia and Rajiv Gandhi, as it will not be a traditional war. Even if Pakistan is destroyed, Muslims will still survive. Because there are many Muslim countries in the world. Remember that India is only one and I will erase Hindustan and Hinduism from the earth.”

Terrorists are openly holding rallies in Pakistan. Pakistan is already on the gray list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an organization that monitors international terrorism funding.

India Planning Bigger Attack Than Balakot: Pak PM Imran Khan

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan had celebrated Pakistan’s Independence Day as a solidarity day with the Kashmiri people.

He said in his speech in the Legislative Assembly that India will not stop till Kashmir only. He is planning a major attack from Balakot. But we are ready. Our troops are ready. I want to send a message to international organizations, if the war happens, the world will be responsible. We will fight until its end.

He said, “If India does something in PoK, we will answer it. Will answer his brick with stone.


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