Tamil Nadu: Man carries mother’s body on trolley rickshaw as ambulance not available


Chennai: A shocking case has come to light from Theni of Tamil Nadu. Here, the body of an elderly woman who died due to corona virus infection was taken in a trolley for funeral. Many people were shocked after its video went viral. The 75-year-old woman was admitted for treatment at a primary health care center in Theni.

Her health was not well for the last few days. She was suffering from diarrhea. After treatment, she went back home, but two days later the information about her being corona infected came to light. The woman was instructed to stay in home quarantine. But she died on Friday. Neighbors who came to know about the incident immediately informed the municipal authorities and an attempt was made to arrange an ambulance. But even after 12 hours, no ambulance reached the woman's house.

Finally a local scavenger assisted. Arrangements were made to carry the body in a trolley. The elderly woman has a son. Serious questions are arising from this incident. How is the government managing the deaths from Corona.

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