Susan Comes Forward In Support Of The Roshan Family

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Everyone well knows of the Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut’s controversy. The controversy between the two actors is going on for a while now. And, is not getting a hold on it.

All is not well with the Roshan’s

Recently, Hrithik’s sister Sunaina had many things to say against the family. She with her several posts on social media told the world that all is not well in the Roshan Family.  Besides, Kangana’s sister Rangoli revealed that Sunaina’s family wants to harm her.

Susan To support The Roshan Family

Now Susan Hrithik’s Ex-wife has come to Hrithik’s and the Roshan families to support. She posted on her Instagram handle to show her support to the Roshan family.

She writes, Based on my experience and with the family, as I have spent many years I know Sunaina as a lovely, caring person. Sunaina is in an unfortunate situation. Sunna’s father is undergoing health problems. In such a way, please respect him in this difficult time of the family. Every family passes through such things. I needed to say this because I have been part of this family for a long time.

Here have a look at Susan’s post:


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Rangoli gives a Shocker

According to reports Kangana’s sister Rangoli Chandel once again has made shocking revelations about the Roshan Family. She with the help of tweets have alleged the Roshan family on serious issues. 

Rangoli writes, “Sunaina Roshan is seeking help from Kangana, Sunaina’s family is physically harming her because Sunaina loves a Muslim boy from Delhi. Further, she adds they made lady police to beat Sunaina last week. Rakesh Roshan her father also beat her. And,  Hrithik is trying to hide his sister’s things.”

Here is Rangoli’s Post:




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