Star of the millennium Amitabh Bachchan completes 50 years in Bollywood

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On November 7, ie 50 years before today, in 1969, on November 7, the cinematographers of India saw the first glimpse of a slim actor on the silver screen. Amitabh, who started with the film ‘Saat Hindustani’, released on this date, later proved to be the film industry’s magnum opus.

Here’s what these people say about him:

Ramesh Sippi

An unforgettable journey like him is rare to very few. In the seventies, he had fame. Whatever characters he got, he used to take him to a higher scale with the help of his performance. Anand, Walls, Sholay, Chupke Chupke, sometimes, Amar Akbar Anthony, Don and many of his hits in this decade. Till the beginning of this decade, before Zanjeer, they said it he would sink producers’ money, but after Zanjeer, once he gained momentum, the makers got the most money from him.

However, his casting in Sholay was preceded by Zanjeer and Wall. Even at the time of Sholay, he did not demand fees. We both had a friendly relationship. They are a few years older than me. We both shared our journey together. They used to become with their age at their age. This approach has also helped in his success. He could achieve incredible feats in the difficult times of this Seventies because he had the skill to understand the language and behave it with the right spirit. He never let stardom rise to his head. Be grounded. Before Sholay, he had a little drinking habit, but after that, he reduced it a lot. Later he left it completely.

Teenu Anand

‘When I first met Amitabh, we would work together in’ Saat Hindustani ‘. Later, the character I would play in it was played by Amitabh because I wanted to become an assistant director, so I left that role. After that Amitabh became popular. Since 1972 I was preparing for Kalia, though she was released in 1981 as I only had time to work with her then. I have seen their Struggles days.

A very famous director told him that who would come in front of you heroine? “Come to ask for work, then go cut off your feet.” Then Amitabh had just said that ‘I will become his favorite so much that he cannot make any film without me.’ Their passion has brought them so high. I narrate his tales of the 80s. Many times, we both clashed with dialogues. Our bond was very good but in every film, I used to fight, but finally, Amitabh used to understand and agree. In one scene of ‘Shahshahan’, I wanted him to come wearing a police uniform.

He wanted him to shoot the scene wearing a blazer. I told him that if it did not work, he stopped shooting. Later called me and said that I want to talk to your daddy. After this, my father came on the set and explained to him, then he agreed. I like the fact that they agree.

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