Fans are in shock by South Korea’s pop-star Sully’s death

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  • Pop-star Sully was a very popular South Korean star, big fan following
  • Sully was being trolled on social media for a long time, mentioned several times
  • Police suspect that 25-year-old pop star committed suicide due to stress
  • Sully also mentioned about trolling online and living in her depression in reality show


A 25-year-old pop star from South Korea is shocked by the death of Sully. Police said the pop star’s manager found him dead in the house. What caused his death has not been revealed yet, but it is being said that the young star was under a lot of stress. She was also upset with the hate campaign and trolling on social media. Police estimate that he committed suicide due to stress and too much depression.

The real name of the star who is a member of the band F (X) is Choi Jin-ri. She was a big social media star and had over 5 million followers on her Instagram. Recently, she also did a TV show in which she used to discuss online trolling with celebrity guests and confronting hate campaigns.

South Korean pop star Sully died because of hate campaign against her

Sulli-related sources say that Sulli distanced herself from her K-pop work due to indecent comments she received online. In his show too, he mentioned his struggle related to panic disorder. His fans on social media paid tribute to him and expressed disappointment over online trolling.

One fan wrote, ‘I always liked your bold style … Today I can only say that your soul may rest in peace.’ Another disheartened fan wrote that it is sad to see how online trolling eradicated a talented star.

In her reality show, Sully shared the story of online trolling and her struggle with depression.

She told that she remained very lonely due to panic disorder and during this time no one supported her. He also used to think of ending his life many times.

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