South Asian Al-Qaida chief Asim Umar killed in Afghanistan

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  • Afghan security forces take ground action, the US provides air support
  • Officials said to investigate the killing of 40 civilians in action

Afghan security forces and the US killed Al-Qaeda =Indian Subcontinent (AQIS) leader Asim Umar. They killed six militants, including Omar in a joint operation of Afghan and American security forces. Also, most of the terrorists killed were citizens of Pakistan.

The Afghan National Directorate tweeted that they killed these militants in action on September 22 and 23 in southern Helmand province. However, they revealed it on 8 October. During the operation, Afghan security forces took ground action, and the US provided air support. All these terrorists were hiding in the area named Musa Kalan with Taliban influence.

Asim Umar joined al-Qaeda in 2014

Asim Umar joined al-Qaeda in 2014. They gave him the responsibility of expanding terrorist activities in the Indian subcontinent. Since then, he has been working to organize al-Qaeda militants in the area and provide arms to them.

Among the slain terrorists is a Pakistani named Rehan, who used to carry information for Al-Qaeda’s Ayman al-Zawahiri.

US and Taliban had a pact to withdraw troops

During the campaign for the elimination of terrorists, there were reports of 40 civilians including some children killed. Officials said they would investigate the matter. The Taliban and the US have agreed to withdraw troops from Afghanistan in a phased manner. For this, the Taliban will have to break all ties with Al-Qaeda.

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