Son beheads his Father for not letting him Play PUBG

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When the father stopped playing PUBG, he cut his hands and feet with a knife, locked the mother in the room, and the father and son often used to dispute about playing the father’s hand and spending more time on mobile.

Mother and father want a son from a very vow. He takes care of his son dearly, hoping when the son grows up, he will have the support of his old age. Parents can be good, raising their children as much as they can, but where do the children realize this!

He was addicted to playing the online game: PUBG

Just think what kind of heart would it be for a son who is ready to kill his father. It must surprise to hear, but believe it is true. One such surprising case has come to light from the Belgaum city of Karnataka, where only one son became the killer of his father. According to the information, on Sunday night, a 25-year-old son murdered his father because the father of the accused did not enjoy playing PUBG games on his mobile phone.

According to the reports, it accustomed the accused Raghuveer Kumbhar to playing PUBG games and spent most of the time on mobile. His father Shankarappa did not like this. Shankarappa had denied Raghuveer many times for this. But instead of obeying the accused father, he was always angry at them.

Mother locked in the room

Many times there was a fight between father and son to play games on the mobile. In such a situation, there was some dispute between the two on Sunday, after which Raghuveer was furious. According to the information, the accused first locked his mother in a room and then killed the father. After killing the father, the accused also cut his arms and legs with a knife.

According to reports, the incident took place around 12:30 pm. Mritak Shankarappa was a retired policeman. According to the police, the accused has been arrested and has also confessed to his crime. However, the police are also investigating the case from another angle.

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