Some people get goosebumps by hearing ‘Cow’: Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched the ‘Swachhata Hi Seva’ campaign in Mathura. He said that living in rivers, lakes, and ponds becomes difficult to survive after swallowing plastic. One has to get rid of single-use plastic. We have to make our home, office and work area free of single-use plastic by 2 October this year. Single-use plastic means a plastic that is thrown away after one use.

Modi said- It is unfortunate for this country that if some people get the words “Om” and “Cow” in their ears, then their hair grows. They feel that the country has moved into the 16th century. Such knowledge, the ruin of the country has left nothing to ruin the country.

Laid the foundation stone of schemes worth over 1000 crores

Modi met with garbage pickers in Mathura. 1000 crores for Prime Minister Mathura Laid the foundation stone of the schemes of more than. Modi inaugurated the Animal Health Fair at Veterinary University. The Prime Minister also interacted with farmers at the fair. During this time, he tried to know whether the farmers were getting the benefit of the government schemes. The PM also visited the exhibition. They have used new techniques in this.

‘Krishna bhakti incomplete without environmental love’

Modi said, “After the new mandate, I have had the privilege of coming to Kanha’s city for the first time. This time also I and my colleagues have received complete blessings from all over Uttar Pradesh. In the interest of your country, I bow my head in front of you from Braj bhoomi. ”

“India has been a source of inspiration like Shri Krishna, whose imagination is incomplete without environmental love. Kalindi called the Yamuna. Can the picture of Shri Krishna be complete without it. Can anyone imagine Bal Gopal without milk, curd, and butter? Without nature, environment, and livestock, as incomplete as we can see, it will be seen in India. Only by balancing with nature, we will move towards the new India. ”

‘Plastic is causing animal deaths’

Modi said that the Swachhta Hi Seva campaign was launched today. They also started the National Animal Disease Program. They also introduced schemes related to animal health promotion and nutrition. They also started many projects related.

“A few days later we will celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Bapu. Mahatma Gandhi gave importance to cleanliness. We should learn from them. This is also a true tribute to him. We associate the same sentiment with cleanliness and service. The campaign, starting today, has been dedicated to plastic waste. This problem is becoming serious. Browses know very well how plastic is causing animal deaths. I urge all health groups, civil society, youth boards, women’s circles, clubs, schools, colleges working across the country to join the mission to end single-use plastics. “

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