BiggBoss13: Siddharth said, there is a separate connection with Shahnaz

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss, the remaining families had to answer the questions of the people in the dock. Now the issue of house duties arises. Householders tell what duties Siddharth has done till date.

Siddharth says that he has a different connection with Shehnaaz

Siddharth defends himself

Rashmi tells her story after cutting Siddharth’s talk. During the trial, Siddharth defends himself in every way. Siddharth says that he has a completely different connection with Shehnaaz. Journalists ask Siddharth what are the future plans with his Shahnaz?

Siddharth will pick up Shahnaz’s phone

Siddharth explains why he chose Paras for the immunity task over the rest. However, Siddharth says that he will definitely go out and pick up Shahnaz’s phone. Siddharth advises journalists to forgive friends.

Does Aarti depend on Siddharth?

Now the trial starts on Aarti. Aarti explains why she is involved in every issue. The question arises that Aarti has always depended on Siddhartha. Aarti says that her and Rashmi’s point of view is not found in this game. Aarti says that she will take the trophy slowly. However, Aarti says that she was a little unconfident, not confused.

Shehnaz tells the story of #SidNaaz

Now the turn comes to Shahnaz and the first charge is that he is a player. Now Shahnaz tells the story of #SidNaaz. She says that she wants Siddhartha to bear them outside the house as well.

Shahnaz accused of tarnishing his own image

The second accusation seems to be that he has spoiled his own image. Shahnaz admits that his character image has deteriorated because of him. She says that she has a problem with Siddharth in front of everyone.

Shahnaz made Siddharth mad

The audience next alleges that Shahnaz has driven Siddharth crazy. Shehnaaz gets the problem from Siddharth talking to others. She says that she has got used to Siddhartha. The journalist demanded Shehnaaz entertain everyone.

Turn of the lawsuit on Mahira

Mahira faces trial. She is accused that she has just become a shadow. The question arises that if she wins the trophy, will she give it to Paras?

Friends will always be with paras

According to Mahira, either one of the Paras or Siddhartha will be a winner. Mahira says that she will always have only friendships with Paras. Journalists ask family members if they feel that Bigg Boss discriminates. All the householders say that they do not think so. The court and the trial are over.

Asim and Siddharth fight again

Now Siddharth and Rashmi talk about their previous shows. Siddharth again gets angry at Shahnaz. Asim and Siddharth fight again. Stay connected with for further updates….

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