Shashi Tharoor lashes out at Anupam for old tweet, actor replies


Recently, there has been tension between Congress leader Shashi Tharoor and actor Anupam Kher but this is not the first time. Rather it has happened many times. Both are expert players in their respective fields, so there is no going back in answering. Now recently, Tharoor tried to surround Anupam Kher with an old tweet but it could not happen. Upon seeing this, the actor slamed him fiercely.



Shashi Tharoor shared the screen shot of Anupam Kher's tweet in the year 2012 and in this tweet, Anupam tweeted a famous quote of famous American writer Edward Abbey. It was written – 'A patriot should always be ready to raise his voice against his government.' Tharoor shared this old tweet of Anupam and shared it and wrote, 'Thank you Anupam Kher. Completely agree with you here'. During this time, he wrote a quote from American writer Mark Twain, 'Patriotism supports your country and your government at all times'.


Seeing the tweet of Shashi Tharoor, Anupam was annoyed and he responded in a simple manner and wrote, 'Dear Shashi Tharoor! You found my 2012 tweet and commented on it today. This is not only a proof of your unemployment and mind-bending. Rather, it is also a proof of how much you have fallen humanly. The people I had this tweet for are still a symbol of corruption. You know.' Anupam Kher is very active on social media and keeps his thoughts on every issue every day.

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