Shahid Afridi again spews venom against Team India, says this


In the cricket world, the competition between India and Pakistan is always high voltage. The whole world keeps an eye on this competition. Although there is no bilateral series happening between the two countries for the last few years, whenever the two countries meet at the ICC event, the stadiums are packed. Roads become deserted. Although India always dominated Pakistan in the ICC tournament. Till date, Team India has not lost to Pakistan in the World Cup. On the rivalry between the two countries, former Pakistan captain Shahid Afridi has given a disputed and boastful statement. Afridi said that Pakistan's team has beaten India so many times that they used to apologize to them after the match. Afridi revealed that he enjoyed playing against India and Australia. In a conversation with Crick Cast's YouTube show Savera Pasha, Afridi said that we have always enjoyed the match against India. We beat them a lot. We beat them so much that we used to apologize to them after the match.

Afridi used to live in controversies, Afridi has been trying to stay in the headlines for some time by spewing venom against India. Two-three days ago, he gave a disputed statement on the Kashmir issue. After recovering from Corona, he first made a big deal about Kashmir.

In fact, a terrorist attack took place on Wednesday in Sopore of Kashmir and in this 65-year-old civilian Bashir Ahmed was also shot by terrorists. Bashir was also accompanied by his 3-year-old grandson and was sitting near the dead body crying. CRPF personnel rescued the child from the place where the crossfiring took him to his mother. Afridi shared a photo of this incident on social media. Because of which that innocent child is standing between the corpse and soldier of his ringworm. Afridi also spread his venom on this photo and wrote that no photo can tell the condition of Kashmiris. Not only this, he also pinned this painful photo and his statement spewing poison on Kashmir issue on his Twitter account.

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