Section 144 implemented in Riot Areas of Jaipur

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  • Stone pelting on two sides, 10 people injured, police release gas ball
  • Internet is still closed today, 5 arrested during the day, 8 in custody at night

The tension between the two communities on Monday night erupted again on Tuesday. At 10:30 pm, both sides came face-to-face again at Rawalji Crossroads and at 11:20 pm at Badanpura. One side lunges threw stones after a quarrel and ransacked over 30 vehicles. It injured 10 people in the stone-pelting. Subhash Chowk police arrived at the police station and the situation was not under control, and an additional jaapt was called.

To control the disturbances, the galley of Tear gas had to be sprayed. Police repulsed the miscreants. They implemented late-night Section 144 in 15 police station areas. Internet will be banned in these police station areas on Wednesday. Police have detained 8 miscreants. Many police japta are deployed in the area. Earlier in the morning, police arrested 5 people in the case of nuisance. They appealed peace in the afternoon with meetings with the people of the area, but violence erupted at night.

Stoned in Galta Gate in the morning. They changed the area in the camp

On Tuesday morning, miscreants pelted stones at a religious site in the Galta Gate area. However, there was no loss of life in this. Even at 10:30 at night, about one and a half people came to Rawalji Charahe from one side of Gangapel Nal Bandhan. He got into a tussle with people from the other side and tensions escalated.

They have imposed section 144 in these areas

Police Commissioner Anand Srivastava said that Section 144 has been imposed in Galtagat. Ramganj, Subhash Chack, Manak Chack, Brahmapuri, Kaitwali, Sanjay Circle.  Nahargarh, Shastrinagar, Bhatta Basti, Adarshanagar, Mathedungri, Lalkethi, TP Nagar and Jawahar Nagar area. They have deployed a police force on the scene.


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