Scientists did research, wheat bread of this species will strengthen immune system


Dehradun: Often considered, zinc and iron deficiency in food items is the main cause of malnutrition. While zinc deficiency affects the immunity of the body, lack of iron element invites diseases like anemia. Scientists of the Pantnagar Agriculture and University of Technology have achieved 65 percent more zinc and iron-rich wheat varieties than common wheat.

It is claimed that eating this bread made of wheat flour will strengthen the immune system of people, which will prove to be helpful in preventing fatal diseases like COVID-19. The State Species Release Committee had recently released UP-2903 variety of wheat developed from Pantnagar University. This species is suitable for sowing in the irrigated areas of the state. The average productivity of this species has been found to be 55 quintals per hectare and yield potential 70 quintals per hectare. In the same species, where the amount of protein has been found to be 12.68 percent, the amount of zinc and iron content in it is about 65 percent more.

It is not usually found in normal species. In national tests, where the amount of zinc in it has been found to be more than 49 ppm, the iron content in this species has been found to be up to 47 ppm. Dr. JP Jaiswal, Professor and Senior Wheat Breeder of Pantnagar University, who developed Uttar Pradesh-2903 species of wheat, said in his statement that our team is trying to develop whatever species in the future with high production potential. Be rich in protein, zinc, and iron elements, including being resistant to diseases and pests. These wheat rotis have been described as suitable.

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