CAA / Satya Nadella- what is happening in India is sad

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  • Satya Nadella said – every country has the right to set its own border, set security and immigration policies
  • “My hope is for an India where an immigrant opens his own startup and benefits Indian society”

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, a US tech giant, has given its opinion on the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He called the protests going on across the country bad and tragic. Ben Smith, the editor of the website Bajfeed, tweeted this information on Monday.

Smith said that when he asked Nadella a question on CAA, the Microsoft CEO said- “I think whatever is happening in India on this is bad, I would be happy if an immigrant Bangladeshi comes here in India. Next Opens a big company or becomes the next CEO of a company like Infosys. ”

Satya Nadella said the protests going on across the country on CAA is  bad and tragic

Smith said in another tweet – “Nadella expressed her opinion during a conversation with editors at Microsoft’s event in Manhattan. Nadella is one of the two big tech leaders of Indian origin in the US. Apart from him, Sundar Pichai of India is heading Google. ”

Nadella is originally from Hyderabad

Satya Nadella is originally from Hyderabad city in India. He also spoke to Smith on his multicultural roots. Nadella said, “I am proud of the place from where I got my cultural heritage. I grew up in Hyderabad. I always think this place is best for growing up. We used to celebrate Eid. However, we celebrated Christmas and Diwali too. Also, these three festivals are big festivals for us. ”

Microsoft released Nadella’s statement

Microsoft India also released a statement after Nadella’s interview. In it, Nadella wrote, “I grew up with my own Indian heritage. My hope is for an India where non-immigration can also dream of opening a prosperous startup. Also,  taking forward a multinational company that benefits Indian society and economy. ”

Ramachandra Guha praised

Indian historian Ramachandra Guha, one of the CAA’s critics, praised Satya Nadella for speaking on the citizenship law. He said, “I am happy that he said what Satya had to say.” Guha was taken into custody by the police in Bengaluru during the CAA protests last month.

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