Saif Ali Khan wants to return his Padmashree Award

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Film actor Saif Ali Khan disclosed this in a conversation with Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan in Mumbai. He believes that he is not entitled to receive a national award. He also said he should return this honor to the Indian government. Talking about this, Saif Ali Khan says he has not bought the honor of Padma Shri as it is not possible for anyone to buy Padma Shri. In the present context, it would be very expensive. It means will talk bribing government,  which is not the position.

On this occasion, Saif Ali Khan also said that he should not have disrespected the Award Padma Shri.

There are many more people in the film industry who are more entitled to this honor. Saif Ali Khan said there are many senior artists who deserve this award more than him.

On this occasion, Saif Ali Khan also said that it is a matter of great shame for him. This honor has been received by some people who are capable of. He is not capable, and he now wants to return the Padma Shri award back to the Indian government. Then his father had told him that you are not in a position to take this honor given by the Indian government. After that, he took this award with respect.


Then he thought if he or she does today, he will do something he deserves to get this honor. People will probably consider his esteem as correct. We will soon see Saif Ali Khan in the film Tanaji the Uncover Warrior. Ajay Devgan plays an important role in this film besides him. This film is based on a warrior named Tanaji Malusare. The film will be released in 2020.

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