PM Modi, Amit Shah, Yogi & me are in danger: Sadhvi Pragya

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Madhya Pradesh’s Bhopal MP Pragya Singh Thakur is once again in the news. Pragya Singh Thakur has received a suspicious letter. There is something like powder in the letter. Pragya has filed a complaint with the police alleging that she found a dangerous chemical like powder & threatening letter. Police reached the spot after receiving the information and the forensic science lab team examined the letter and powder. A case has been registered.

Pragya told the police, ‘A suspicious envelope was delivered to my residence. When my colleague opened it, a powdery substance was found inside it, which caused itching. There were some threatening letters in it. I immediately informed the police. After this, the team of Police and Forensic Science Lab reached Pragya’s residence and started the investigation.

Crossed picture of PM Modi, Doval

Pragya said, ‘The letter was written in Urdu and many more letters were also included. I have received such letters earlier also. I had also told the police but there was no action. This is a big conspiracy of the enemies of the country. Not only this, but Pragya also said, ‘The letter also had pictures of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Home Minister Amit Shah, NSA Ajit Doval, UP CM Yogi Adityanath and the Governor of Kashmir with a pen crossed. These enemies and terrorists are targeting people who work for the welfare of the country. Pragya claimed that her life is in danger.

The letter threatens to kill

Pragya said, ‘The letter says how and with what weapon we will be killed. Terrorists and enemies of the country are threatening to kill us. They do not want us to work for the welfare of the country. They have to pass through me before reaching the leadership of the country. Bhopal DIG Irshad Wali said, “We have been complained by MP Pragya Singh that she has received envelopes containing some harmful chemicals.” When asked what is this poisonous chemical substance, he said that it will be known only after an investigation by the forensic team.

Wali said that on opening these envelopes that came through the post, Pragya feared that they contained harmful chemicals and complained to the police. Meanwhile, the city superintendent of police, TT Nagar Umesh Tiwari, said that a case has been registered against an unknown person in the Kamla Nagar police station under sections 326 and 507 of IPC. He said that the police have seized these substances found in three to four letters and they will be investigated.

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