Rwanda’s Muslims will celebrate Eid in their homes this year


Kigali: Rwanda's Mufti, Sheikh Saleh Hetimana, has said that to help continue the war against the Coronavirus, this year Rwandan Muslims will pray to Allah by staying in their homes for the entire month of Ramadan and until Eid ul Fitri. Hetimana told that the Rwandan Muslim community has decided that on these festive occasions, when Muslims usually gather together in large groups to celebrate, this year, Muslims have different ways to protect themselves and society. We will celebrate the festival from

He went on to say that Eid-ul Fitri is generally a feast day. People invite each other, share food, and generally celebrate. However, this year, we have to stay in our homes so that we can follow the guidelines given by the government to deal with the coronavirus epidemic. People here will offer prayers in their homes, after which Hetimana will offer a special prayer, which will be broadcast on national radio and television.

Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. The Muslim community considers this month to be absolutely holy. People of the Muslim community observe fast in this month. On the day of fasting, before the sunrise, some eat what is called Sahari. Do not eat or drink anything throughout the day. In the evening, after sundown, they open the fast and eat it which is called iftari.

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