Russia did not invite Pakistan to the Eastern Economic Forum

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Pakistan had to face embarrassment on Tuesday when Russia rejected the reports of the Pakistan media. Reports said  Russia invited Imran Khan to the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the chief guest in the EEF meeting in September. Pakistani media was loudly telling that Imran Khan has also received an invitation for it, which he has accepted. After Russia’s rebuttal, they forced Pakistan to dismiss local media reports.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry rejecting Pakistani media reports said on Tuesday that Imran Khan has not been invited for the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF). Prime Minister Narendra Modi will take the chief guest as part of the EEF Meet. It is to be held in Vladivostok, Russia, from 4 to 6 September.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry issued the statement saying, “We hope that Mongolia’s President H. Battulga, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi, Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed.   Japan’s PM Shinzo Abe will come to the capital of Primorje, Vladivostok

In the statement, Russian Presidential adviser Anton Kobyakov said, “I am confident that by joining Prime Minister Modi, cooperation on trade and investment between the two countries will reach a new high level in the Far Eastern region.” With India’s representation and participation in the forum, close cooperation between our countries will not only increase economic and human resources.

Kobyakov’s preparations for EEF’s programs are being watched. To take part in the EEF, Chief Minister of several states of India are also reaching Russia. Its purpose is to redeem business opportunities in the Far East.

Actually, the Pakistani media had reported last week that Imran Khan has accepted the invitation of President Putin. Media reports claimed that during an interaction with the two leaders of the SCO Summit held in Bishkek last month, Putin had invited this to Imran.

When the Russians rejected the reports of Imran, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry issued a statement on Tuesday saying that media reports about this are just speculative. Pakistani Foreign Ministry spokesman Muhammad Faisal tweeted that reports of Imran going to the EEF are speculative.

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