Research Claims Fruit Juice Linked to Higher Cancer Risk

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If you think that you are doing something good for your health by adding fruits juice to the daily diet then this is your biggest mistake.

By doing so, you are preparing to surround yourself with serious diseases.

It may be surprising to hear, but recently research on fruit juice is making such a disclosure.

Fitness-conscious people often make a huge mistake related to diet and fruit juices.

By adding fruit juice to the daily diet, they forget to understand themselves as healthy.

Soda present in Fruit Juice not only works to increase obesity in the person’s body but also invites diseases such as cancer.

Fruit Juice Not Good For Health

According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, consuming 3.4 oz of soda in the day is equivalent to about one-third of the coke can. Which increases the risk of the disease like cancer by 18 percent.

Not only this, consuming it increases the probability of breast tumors to 22 percent.

According to researchers, when people consumed the same amount of unsaturated fruit juice, they are more likely to develop cancer.

They did a broad part of this research in France. They detected the relationship between sweet drinks and cancer.

However, the results of the research find out that the image of fructose juice found in the market can be stained.

Which they promote by saying good for health.

The American Beverage Association said in one of its statements, “All drinks are safe to eat as sugar or non-sugar balanced diet.”

Industry companies are working towards providing more alternatives to these beverages with little or no sugar, a small package size, and clear calorie information.

In this research, researchers covered 97 beverages and 12 artificial sweet drinks. Which included carbonated, sports drinks, syrups, and pure fruit juices.

The research found that only diseases like cancer are not born from drinks. Researchers estimate that sugar can affect the intestine, level of sugar and swelling in the body.

In this French study, the researchers found that there was no increase in the risk of cancer by consuming sugar-free drinks. The special thing is that water, sugar, and coffee without sugar have also not been seen growing this risk.

Let us tell you that this research has happened in Nutrinet-Sante, France, which is part of a web-based study. In which about 100,000 volunteers have taken part since 2009.


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